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I ordered a brand new £999 Apple iPhone 14 Plus from Amazon but when the package arrived it contained two candles and no sign of the mobile

I ordered a brand new £999 Apple iPhone 14 Plus from Amazon but when the package arrived it contained two candles and no sign of the mobile. 

I was bemused at first, but now I’m fuming as Amazon is refusing to refund me for the device.


B., Sussex.

Another ball of wax: A reader was left bemused when Amazon sent him two candles instead of the £999 iPhone 14+ he had ordered

Sally Hamilton replies: Your story had me reminiscing about the vintage Two Ronnies ‘four candles’ TV sketch where hardware shop owner Ronnie Corbett thinks customer Ronnie Barker wants to purchase four candles when what he actually wants are ‘fork ‘andles — ‘andles for forks’.

The misunderstanding makes for brilliant comedy.

But to order a £999 phone from Amazon and receive two candles instead — and have the firm wash its hands of your case — well, I can see why that got on your wick.

You explained that, as well as the phone, you had ordered a laptop from Amazon, with the two parcels delivered at the same time.

You provided the security code to the delivery driver that Amazon had emailed previously.

The same code applied to both items. Such codes are required for high-value purchases to prove packages have been safely received by the right person.

When you opened the first package, all was fine: the laptop was as expected. The second, which should have been the phone, contained candles.

To put me in the picture fully, you told me your husband had in fact ordered candles separately from Amazon, as a gift for you but sent to him.

He suggested this must have caused the mix-up.

But you were concerned because his Amazon account is different from yours and the offending candle package had your name and business details on the address label. And, in any case, where was the iPhone?

You contacted Amazon, EVDEn eve naKliYaT which replied that it had delivered parcels of the correct weight and told you to file a police report.

You tried, but the police weren’t interested, EVden EvE nAKLiyat stating that it was a civil matter and you should speak to Amazon.

You phoned Amazon to try to resolve the impasse, but it told you to contact its customer services online. You got nowhere.

You reached a similar dead end with its social media and on Trustpilot, the customer reviews website, where you hoped it might pick up on your complaint.

Having hit a brick wall, you contacted me.

You told me you are a clinical psychologist and have a strong view on how Amazon’s lack of a positive response made you feel disempowered as a consumer. Sadly, such treatment of customers by businesses is widespread.

Another reader, J. B.
from Leicestershire, contacted me with a similar tale of intercepted Amazon parcels and the subsequent poor response by its customer services. The £459 Samsung tablet he ordered via the firm before Christmas was replaced by cake decorations.

As with your case, the correct passcode had been given on delivery.

But the label on the package was wrinkled, as if it had been taken off another parcel.

When J. B. called Amazon to report this, an agent said he would be refunded upon returning the package. On the understanding that the original payment would soon be reimbursed, he ordered another tablet for a further £459.

Sadly, Evden eVE naKliYAT this was premature, as Amazon then refused to refund him.

He appealed several times, in vain. An email escalating his concerns to Amazon’s complaints department was ignored. So, like you, he came to me.

When people buy something online, the retailer is responsible for its safe delivery, according to the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

I felt both you and J. B. If you liked this article and you simply would like to obtain more info about eVden EVE NaKLiyaT kindly visit our own web site. should be reimbursed.

I took both cases to Amazon, which agreed to investigate. Within a few days, it came back with some excellent news.

Although there was no explanation about what had gone wrong in either case, nor why the refunds had been refused, a spokesman says: ‘We’ve contacted the customers directly, apologised and processed a full refund.’

Anyone in the same boat, or who receives damaged goods, should always contact the retailer immediately.

It also helps to collect evidence, including photographs of the packages that have been damaged or tampered with, and of whatever was substituted for a genuine order.

If signing for a delivery that can’t be opened in front of the courier, add the words ‘not inspected’, which could help if issues emerge on opening.

Opting for a delivery to be made to a ‘safe place’ or a neighbour can make problems harder to resolve later.
Consider requesting signed-for delivery only, particularly for high-value items. If the retailer won’t play ball, try to request reimbursement via a claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, if the purchase was by credit card and the item cost between £100 and £30,000.

The card provider is jointly liable with the retailer if something goes wrong with a purchase.

If a debit card was used, consider raising a chargeback dispute — an informal arrangement offered by banks for customers who do not get the goods or services they have paid for.

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Woman who spent £50k on house says it was left in 'horrendous' state

A woman has slammed the ‘horrendous’ state of her house after spending more than £50,000 on building work only for it to abruptly stop leaving her with a large repair bill and ‘no kitchen.’

IT worker Lisa Morris, 50, says she hired a company called Eva-Lution to renovate her Llanharan home but the work suddenly stopped last November.

She says she paid the builders £52,900 for work including a kitchen extension – but she claims her kitchen has been left with exposed wires, bare brick walls and no ceiling.

Now Ms Morris, claims her property has ‘no kitchen, having ripped the previous kitchen out’ and that she is ‘emotionally and physically exhausted’ and living on ‘microwave and air fryer meals.’

Ms Morris only inherited the property in 2021 after her father and stepmother were tragically hit and EvdeN EVE NakliYaT killed by a motorbike whilst walking. 

Lisa Morris, 50, says that the renovation works have cost her over £50k and still aren’t done 

Ms Morris says she has been forced to live in the half finished house for weeks 

She said: ‘What makes it worse is that it’s their house.

I was renovating it with money my dad had gifted me shortly before he passed away. 

‘The house was all I had left of them. I’m emotionally and physically exhausted – this has consumed my life for months. 

‘I took time off work but I’ve had to go back because I can’t afford not to work, with the situation I’m in.’

Eva-Lution, whose director is 27-year-old Chloe Eva, had eight employees in 2022, according to Companies House. 

Ms Eva denied the work on Ms Morris’ home was of a poor standard and claimed it was halted due to a ‘cash flow issue’. 

She said Ms Morris rejected the offer of a £24,544 refund for parts of the job left unfinished.

Ms Morris, who previously lived in rented accommodation, had hoped the renovation would be complete by the time she moved into the house. If you have any inquiries pertaining to where and the best ways to make use of EVdEN EVe NAKLiyAt, you could call us at our internet site.  

She heard about Eva-Lution in June last year through a recommendation and paid a £3,500 deposit the following month.

As work progressed over the following weeks, Ms Morris transferred more money for materials. 

In early September she went to Howdens with a member of Eva-Lution’s team and chose a kitchen. 

She transferred £11,000 to Eva-Lution but claims she only later learned that Howdens had never received payment for the kitchen. 

Ms Morris says the state of the house has impacted her mental health 

The garden is still half finished and scattered with building materials 

According to Ms Eva, her company had ordered the kitchen but had not paid Howdens.

An Eva-Lution worker told Ms Morris by text that all the upstairs, living room and front-of-house work would be done by October 16, adding: ‘Hopefully we will have the extension built with just the inside left to do.’ 

Because of this she arranged the end of her tenancy for October 16 but she claims it eventually became ‘apparent that the house wouldn’t be liveable’ by that date, so she extended her lease by a month.

Ms Morris claims she moved in on November 5 with no kitchen, no cloakroom, an unfinished hallway and a garden ‘like a building site’. 

She added: ‘I went on holiday on November 12 and was told that the frame of the extension would be up by the time I got home.

Again this did not materialise.’

On November 28 the company told Ms Morris there was a cash flow issue but a £250,000 investment would be in its accounts by December 2. 

‘I was also told at this point that they didn’t even have enough money to pay for the cement, so I gave them £400 to get the necessary materials so the footings could be completed,’ she added.

Eva-Lution workers have not attended Ms Morris’ home since the end of November when concrete was laid for footings. 

She alleges that the extension’s timber frame never arrived and that another builder has since told her the footings were laid incorrectly and will have to be removed. 

Ms Eva disputes this and claims the footings were laid after consultation with a structural engineer. 

She added: ‘I do not believe the work carried out was to a poor standard, and during the works no issue or complaint was raised about the quality or standard of work.’

Ms Morris said the job was meant to cover a fully fitted kitchen with appliances.

‘I have contacted the suppliers of these materials and they have confirmed that Eva-Lution never paid for them despite me giving them the money,’ claimed Ms Morris, EVDEn EVe nAkliyAT who reported a complaint of fraud.

Wires hang down from the ceiling in the property which has not been completed 

Responding to the claim of fraud, Ms Eva said staff stopped working on Ms Morris’ property due to a cash flow issue after her own company was a ‘victim of fraudulent activity and non-payment of invoices’ by another business. 

Asked about the investment, she claimed this was set to be completed at the beginning of January but ‘when the funds were due to be transferred, there was an issue due to the fraud case that Ms Morris has put on the business bank account’.

‘By this time, other accounts and clients then had further frustrations with needing to wait for works to re-commence, and the investor pulled out due to there being so many issues,’ said Ms Eva. 

‘If the fraud case was not on the account, the funds would have gone through and we could be in a position to resolve any company conflicts.’

She added that the kitchen was ordered through Howdens but Eva-Lution was waiting for the investment to come through before the kitchen could be obtained.

Eva-Lution offered to pay Ms Morris £24,544, which Ms Eva described as a ‘fair refund’ due to work already completed. 

‘This included the purchase price of the kitchen which, due to the issue and us not being able to obtain the investment funds, was not settled,’ said Ms Eva.

Ms Eva claimed funds had never been taken from clients to cover business overheads but she said Eva-Lution was hit by the alleged fraud of another company.

She said:  ‘Due to the situation we found ourselves in…

direct debits and evDeN eVe nAkliYAt standing orders of Eva-Lution were still being taken from our account which ate into funds we had received from clients. 

‘This is not how we have run the company through the duration. However, due to the circumstance/situation this is what happened.

Again, this is why Ms Morris was offered the settlement figure, to cover this cost.’

Ms Morris, who claims her home needs around £40,000 worth of repairs, has declined the offer of £24,544 and sent a letter before action to Eva-Lution, which has begun the process of liquidation.

‘It was never our intention for the company to go into liquidation,’ said Ms Eva, but she confirmed there have been other threats of legal action and described liquidation as ‘our safest option as a company’.

Ms Morris has been relying on a microwave and air fryer to cook since moving in. ‘When I moved in, I was only expecting to live like this for a week,’ she said, adding that upcoming repair costs will leave her struggling financially.

Aside from the kitchen, Ms Morris claims a downstairs toilet and vanity unit are among the items paid for but never installed. 

Ms Eva defended her company’s work which she says included new internal doors, plastering, painting, electrical works in the living room, a new upstairs bathroom, new radiators, rubbish removal, new light fittings, fitting of blinds supplied by Ms Morris, wardrobe work, re-routing of drainage and plumbing, and the ‘beginning of the extension’.

Ms Eva added: ‘If there was an issue with the quality it should have been brought to our attention before now. 

‘Ms Morris was offered for the staff to return to the property before Christmas, which she denied and advised she was taking legal action and EVDEN eVE naKliyAT we were not to return.’

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Bitcoin fraudsters involved in £21 million scam are jailed

A group of criminals who made so much money from a £21 million scam they handed out £5,000 gift cards on the street have been jailed.

Stephen William Boys, 59, and Kelly Caton, 45, have been found guilty of fraud, converting and transferring criminal property.

Jordan Kane Robinson, 25, and James Austin-Beddoes, 28, were also found guilty. 

Preston Crown Court heard how the group worked with ringleader James Parker, who died in 2021 before he could be prosecuted for masterminding the conspiracy.

Parker ran the operation from his home in Blackpool, Lancashire from October 2017 to January 2018, helping the group to make ‘more money than they could spend. If you loved this short article and you would like to get additional info regarding evDEN EVe naKLiYAt kindly go to our web-page. ‘

Police recovered £22 million worth of crypto currency along with luxury watches, houses, cars and designer goods

Kelly Caton, of Blackpool, Lancashire was convicted of fraud, converting and acquiring criminal property and jailed for four-and-a-half years

He exploited a loophole to withdraw dishonestly-obtained crypto assets worth around £15 million from his trading account on an Australian-based cryptocurrency exchange.

Caton dishonestly withdrew £2.7 million and EvdEn eVE nakliYAT Robinson withdrew £1.7 million from their accounts.

The scam made so much money that £5,000 gift cards were handed out to people in the street and cars were bought for people Parker met in the pub, Preston Crown Court heard.

During the trial Boys told the court how he took £1 million cash in a suitcase to buy a villa from Russians he met in the back office of an estate agent and paid £60,000 to pay off corrupt officials so he could carry on laundering money.

During the investigation police recovered 445 Bitcoin, then worth £22 million, along with luxury watches, houses, cars and designer goods, including a £600 wine cooler, plus more than £1 million in bank accounts.

Parker’s financial adviser Stephen Boys worked with a UK national who lived in the United Arab Emirates to convert the cryptocurrency into cash.

The money was then laundered through various foreign-based online accounts.

Stephen Boys, of Accrington, Lancashire was found guilty of converting and transferring criminal property and evDEn eVE NAKliYaT jailed for six years.

Stephen Boys told the court how he took £1 million cash in a suitcase to buy a villa from Russians he met in the back office of an estate agent

Police said the scale of the scam led the group to ‘literally having more money than they could spend’

Jordan Robinson, of Fleetwood, Lancashire was found guilty of fraud, converting and acquiring criminal property and was jailed for four-and-a-half years

Kelly Caton, of Blackpool, Lancashire was convicted of fraud, converting and EVdEN EVe nakliyaT acquiring criminal property and jailed for four-and-a-half years.

Jordan Robinson, of Fleetwood, Lancashire was found guilty of fraud, evdEN EvE nAkLiyAt converting and acquiring criminal property and was also jailed for four-and-a-half years.

James Austin-Beddoes, of St Annes, Lancashire was found guilty of fraud and acquiring criminal property.

He pleaded guilty to converting criminal property and was jailed for 18 months, suspended for a year.

Jonathan Kelleher of the CPS said: ‘These offenders used the internet from the comfort of their own homes to obtain tens of millions of pounds worth of Bitcoin which did not belong to them.

‘Cyber-enabled crime presents an increasing threat to international economic stability, as well as to honest individual investors in cryptocurrency.

‘The CPS advised our police partners throughout this international investigation.

‘Painstaking analysis of vast amounts of digital material and collaborative liaison with the Australian and Finnish authorities enabled us to mount a successful prosecution against these criminals.’

DS David Wainwright of Lancashire Police said: ‘This was a large and evDEn EVE nakliyaT complex case in which these offenders have now been brought to justice.

‘I would like to thank everyone who worked as a team, together with our partner agencies, to achieve this successful outcome.’

Det Sgt David Wainwright, of Lancashire Police’s Fraud Unit, said: ‘The scale of the fraud in this case is absolutely staggering and led to the suspects literally having more money than they could spend.

‘I would like to pay tribute to all the agencies who worked closely together to bring these people to justice.’

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Landing FedEx plane almost crashes into Southwest plane on the runway

A FedEx cargo airplane attempting to land at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport on Saturday morning was seconds from disaster with the flight crew suddenly forced to pull up and abort their landing after a Southwest Airlines plane was also cleared to takeoff from the same runway.

The two planes appeared to come within 75 vertical feet of one another.

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The Boeing 767 cargo airplane was several miles from the airport when it was cleared to land, according to the FAA but just before it was about to touch down an air traffic controller also gave the go-ahead for the Southwest Boeing 737 to take off on the exact same stretch of tarmac.

‘Shortly before the FedEx aircraft was due to land, the controller cleared Southwest Flight 708 to depart from the same runway,’ the Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement.

‘The pilot of the FedEx airplane discontinued the landing and initiated a climb out.’

FAA is investigating an aborted landing in Austin, Texas, after a FedEx cargo plane almost landed on a runway on which a Southwest plane was about to takeoff

The FedEx Boeing 767, in orange, evDeN eVe nakliYAT had been cleared to land while a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737, in yellow, had also been cleared to depart on the same runway

At one stage, just 75 feet appeared to separate the two aircraft according to FlightRadar24

In a tweet Saturday, the National Transportation Safety Board used jargon to downplay the incident describing it as a ‘possible runway incursion and overflight involving airplanes from Southwest Airlines and FedEx.’

The incident occurred in poor visibility conditions early on Saturday morning in Austin. 

The FAA said FedEx Express Flight 1432, EvdEN EVe NaKLiYaT a Boeing 767 cargo plane, Evden Eve NAkLiYAT which had departed from Memphis, was cleared to land on Runway 18-Left around 6:40am while the aircraft was several miles from the airport. 

The Southwest plane had not yet departed when the FedEx plane was approaching the runway. If you loved this post and you would such as to receive more details concerning evDeN EVe NaKLiYaT kindly browse through the page.  

The altitude of the FedEx plane shows it descending before a sudden and sharp gain in altitude

The FedEx aircraft had to suddenly pull up and managed to climb several hundred feet within seconds as the crew averted catastrophe

The Southwest flight to Cancun, Mexico still continued its takeoff even while the FedEx cargo plane was directly above it. 

The Southwest jet was able to depart safely, according to the FAA.

Southwest has so far declined to comment.

FedEx said its flight ‘safely landed after encountering an event,’ but declined to further comment because of the ongoing investigations. 

The FAA and evdEN evE nakLiYAT NTSB said they are investigating the serious incident.

‘FedEx Express Flight 1432 from Memphis, Tennessee to Austin, Texas safely landed after encountering an event just before landing at Austin Bergstrom International Airport this morning,’ FedEx said in a statement,

Data from flight tracking websites suggest the two planes came very close indeed.

Pictured, the FedEx cargo plane’s route which saw it having to abort landing and then circle the airport

The Southwest Airlines plane was already on the runway and about to take off as the FedEx plane was landing

The FedEx cargo plane was coming into land at Austin Bergstrom Airport when it was forced to pull up

Austin Airport said it was ‘aware of the Federal Aviation Administration’s investigation into the discontinued landing of a flight.

We will assist our FAA partners and their investigation as necessary.’

A similar close call was averted at John F. Kennedy International Airport  after an American Airlines plane crossed a runway while a Delta Airlines’ Boeing 737 plane was preparing for takeoff on January 13.

Air traffic controllers noticed a Boeing 777 had crossed from an adjacent taxiway.

The FAA said the Delta Boeing 737 stopped its takeoff roll approximately 1,000 feet before reaching the point where American Airlines Flight 106 had crossed.

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 ordered Adidas to ‘start to make new designs’ – hours after he was embarrassingly escorted out of the headquarters of rivals Skechers, amid the rapid implosion of his business empire.

On Wednesday night he also appeared to reference his declining financial clout, noting: ‘I haven’t got super model pu**y in over a month.

Please send help.’

His girlfriend of the past few weeks, Brazilian 24-year-old Juliana Nalu, is a model. 

West, 45, on October 9 tweeted that he would go ‘death con 3’ on ‘JEWISH PEOPLE,’ an apparent reference to Defcon, the U.S.

military defense readiness system.

His Twitter and Instagram accounts were blocked in response and his lucrative deals with Adidas, Gap, Balenciaga and Vogue all abruptly ended – but the rapper was unrepentant, .

West on Monday was , but on Tuesday an analyst said that the German-based sportswear company intends to sell existing Yeezy product designs using its own branding.

The company said it would cease production of Yeezy-branded products and halt all payments to West and his businesses, but added that it is the owner of the Yeezy design rights.

‘Adidas is the sole owner of all design rights to existing products as well as previous and e N new colorways under the partnership,’ the company said.

West on Wednesday issued his first response to their statement.

Kanye West on Wednesday evening issued his first response to being dropped by Adidas on Monday – a move which cost him $1.5 billion

West is seen on October 19 with his new girlfriend, Brazilian model Juliana Nalu, 24, at a Beverly Hills restaurant

‘As to Adidas, you can start to make new designs for footwear, apparel and accessories immediately,’ he wrote in a text to a ‘Quinn Emmanuel’, screenshotted and shared to Instagram.

West has previously been represented by law firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, but Alex Spiro, a partner at the firm, said he was not involved.

West ‘asked me to be his attorney but the representation never formalized,’ said Spiro, whose other clients include Elon Musk.

‘I do not represent Mr. West.’ 

West, in the text, continued: ‘As to Gap, the non-compete expires December 15, 2022.

‘You own the Yeezy name and all trademarks associated with Yeezy.’

West on Wednesday was removed from Forbes’ list of billionaires, with the magazine concluding that without Adidas he is worth $400 million. 

His fortune comes from real estate, cash, his music catalog and a 5 percent stake in ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s shapewear firm, Skims.

The deal with Adidas brought West an estimated $1.5 billion. 

On Wednesday afternoon, Westwas embarrassingly escorted out of Skechers headquarters after showing up unannounced to pitch his Yeezy brand, one day after and having his songs banned by Peloton. 

He was taken out by two ‘executives’ according to a statement released by the company Wednesday afternoon. 

 said in a that they have ‘indefinitely paused’ the inclusion of any songs by Ye in their classes. If you cherished this article and you simply would like to obtain more info with regards to kL generously visit our own internet site.  

‘We take this issue very seriously and can confirm Peloton indefinitely paused the use of Kanye West’s music on our platform, the statement said.   

‘This means our instructors are no longer using his music in any newly produced classes and we are not suggesting any class that includes his music in our proactive recommendations to Members. 

‘You should know this was a decision we made immediately following his remarks.

Again, thank you for sharing your concerns and thank you for being a Member of our Peloton community.’

One Peloton instructor, Alex Toussaint, went so far as to comment on the 

‘Cause I love everybody, I want to make sure everybody feels safe in my environment, in my classes, I’m not going to speak too much on it because you know I stand with you. 

‘You will not hear that artist in my class,’ Toussaint said.

‘I promise y’all I do not support hate speech, whatsoever, baby. I don’t tolerate that at all all.’ 

It’s been loss after loss for Ye, who also lost his partnership with GAP, kL who immediately pulled his merchandise from their dedicated website after announcing that they were no longer working with him. 

The company condemned West’s comments Tuesday, saying that were taking ‘immediate steps’ to remove Yeezy GAP products from their stores and shut down their website. 

‘On behalf of our customers, employees and shareholders, we are partnering with organizations that combat hate and discrimination.’ 

Universal Music’s Def Jam has also condemned West’s comments, after splitting with the rapper last year.

They said: ‘Def Jam’s relationship with Ye as a recording artists, its partnership with the GOOD Music label venture and Ye’s merchandise agreement with Bravado all ended in 2021.

‘There is no place for yA antisemitism in our society.

We are deeply committed to combating antisemitism and every other form of prejudice.’ 

The rapper was also dropped Monday by talent agency CAA.

In a statement GAP said: ‘Anti-Semitism, racism and hate in any form are inexcusable and not tolerated in accordance with our values.

His Twitter and Instagram accounts were restricted, with the social media platforms saying they removed his posts that online users condemned as antisemitic.

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Driver slammed after cat carrier is spotted strapped to a car's roof

A motorist has been called out for eVden eVE NAKLiYaT driving with a pet carrier tied to the roof of their car on a busy road with a ‘terrified looking’ cat inside. 

The Ford Falcon was snapped as it travelled along Lutwyche Road in Windsor in ‘s north and was posted to social media on Monday. 

The large cat box was pictured fastened onto the top of the moving car with two yellow straps.

The cat is not visible but the onlooker who took the photo of the ‘appalling’ act claimed the animal was in the box.

‘Yes, that is a cat carrier strapped to the roof racks.

Yes, there was a terrified looking cat inside. Yes, there was room inside the car for the cat carrier to go,’ the post read (pictured, the blue sedan carrying the cat box)

‘Yes, that is a cat carrier strapped to the roof racks.
Yes, there was a terrified looking cat inside. Yes, there was room inside the car for the cat carrier to go,’ the person’s post read.

‘Who the hell even does this?? … ‘It’s appalling, how was this the only option??’

Animal lovers took to social media slamming the driver over the act of animal cruelty. 

‘Some people should not be allowed to own pets,’ one commenter said. 

‘That’s messed up from the owner, evDeN eve nakLiyat EVE NakliYAt and that cat needs to be re homed to a person who will look after it,’ one more said.

‘I can’t imagine what this would do to a poor little kitty,’ said another. 

‘There’s no way anyone would do that, surely,’ an online user wrote.

But others said there could be other reasons why the box is on the roof.

‘Maybe it’s a diseased feral cat they’ve caught, to get off their property?’ one asked.

 Animal lovers took to social media slamming the driver over the ‘appalling’ act of animal cruelty (stock photo)

‘It appears empty and for all you know it’s a snake,’ another said. In case you have just about any concerns regarding wherever along with the best way to work with EvDEn eVE NakLiyAt, you are able to e-mail us at our internet site.  

The person who posted the image online said the RSPCA and EvdEN EVE nAkLiyaT police had been contacted over the sighting.

Meanwhile, others compared their stories of trying to get their pet cats into portable carriers for EvdEN evE nAkLiyat transport.

‘My cat is terrified any time we have to put him in the carrier and travel,’ one wrote. 

‘Mine hates the car so much we have to sedate him to go to the vet.

The vet is literally at the end of our street. It’s a two minute drive,’ said another. 

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Laura Whitmore steps out after receiving an ASA ban

 put on a glamourous display for the Lulu Guinness Valentine’s Dinner at Home House in London.

The Tuesday outing was her first since her Muff Liquor advert was banned by the ASA for ‘targeting minors and encouraging irresponsible drinking’

Despite the backlash, evDEN Eve NakLiYAt the presenter, 37, sported a black velvet trouser suit paired with a striking patterned shirt which had red lips on it by Lulu Guinness.

She carried an embroidered bird cage bag by the label as she posed for pictures. 

Laura wore her blonde locks in loose waves, opting for a slick of ruby red lipstick.

The star, who is married to Love Island’s voiceover star Iain Stirling, 34, and shares a 23-month-old daughter with him. 

Letting her hair down: Laura Whitmore attended Lulu Guinness’ Valentine’s event  at Home House on Tuesday after her Muff Liquor advert was banned by the ASA for ‘targeting minors and encouraging irresponsible drinking’ 

Backlash: The ASA said that Laura’s posts were not clearly marked as adverts and implied that alcohol can increase confidence 

Her trip out comes and implied that alcohol can increase confidence.

The videos – released in July – featured Whitmore drinking peppermint tea, and then water, beer and ‘Muff & tonic’, EvDEn eVE nAKliyaT while her dancing became increasingly energetic.

Music in the background included the lyrics: ‘I’ll be f***ed up if you can’t be right here.’

Text on screen stated ‘#MakemineaMuff’ and ‘If drinks were dance moves @muffliquorco #makemineamuff #muffboss #irishowned’.

A complainant, who understood that Whitmore was an investor in The Muff Liquor EvDEN evE NAkliYat Company, challenged whether the ads were obviously identifiable as marketing communications and were inappropriately targeted because they featured alcoholic drinks.

Whitmore argued that the hashtag ‘muffboss’ was used to declare her shareholder status and believed that ‘#ad’ would not have been a suitable disclaimer because she was not paid by The Muff Liquor Company for the posts.

However, the ASA ruled that the posts should have been clearly marked as ads.

The ASA also investigated whether the ads encouraged irresponsible drinking because they implied that alcohol could enhance confidence and was capable of changing mood.

Moving on: Despite the controversy, Laura put on a glamourous display for the Lulu Guinness dinner

The ASA noted that Whitmore was the former presenter of Love Island – the fifth most-watched programme by those aged four to 15 years old in the second quarter of 2022. 

As a result, a large proportion of individuals who were under 18 with TikTok accounts were likely to interact with content related to Love Island on the platform.

In a statement, they explained:  ‘Even if those individuals did not follow Ms Whitmore, we considered it was likely that the algorithm would determine Ms Whitmore’s posts to be of interest to them, meaning they would appear in their ‘For You’ page.’

Referring to Whitmore’s dancing while drinking alcohol, the ASA added: ‘Whilst we acknowledged that the ads were presented in a light-hearted tone, nonetheless we considered that consumers would interpret the ads to mean that drinking alcohol could precipitate a change in an individual’s behaviour and could enhance an individual’s confidence.’

Glam: The presenter, 37, sported a black velvet trouser suit paired with a striking patterned shirt which had red lips on it as she posed for pictures 

The ASA have ruled that the ads must not appear again.

The Muff Liquor Company have confirmed Whitmore was a shareholder but said she was not paid for the ads and that they asked her to remove the ads within 24 hours of being made aware of the complaint.

They added that 2.7 percent of Whitmore’s 1.6 million social media followers were under 18 years of age, and therefore understood that the product had not been inappropriately targeted to under-18s.

Since receiving notification of the complaint, they have agreed any of Whitmore’s future ads for The Muff Liquor Company will be reviewed by the company before being posted.

Axed: The videos – released in July – featured Whitmore drinking peppermint tea, and then water, beer and ‘Muff & tonic’, while her dancing became increasingly energetic

TikTok said Whitmore had not used its branded content disclosure tool, even though the post appeared to fall into this category.

Instagram said it had no comment on the investigation.

Whitmore has featured The Muff Liquor Company on her social media pages in the past, last year in an April Fool’s post. 

The Irish presenter became the face of the Donegal drinks brand EvdEn evE nAKLiYat in 2021 and owns equity in the firm as a shareholder.

She has worked with a number of brands for their consumer campaigns, including Blossom Hill, eBay, Laybuy, Bodyform and Dare2b. 

End of an era: She has worked with a number of brands for their consumer campaigns and last year announced she’d be stepping down as the host of Love Island

Last year, the mother-of-one announced she’d be stepping down as the host of Love Island, with .

Speaking about her decision to leave, Whitmore took a swipe at her ITV bosses as she claimed that she would still be fronting the show if she’d had more freedom in her role.

She claimed: ‘If I could [have done] things the way I wanted to, I’d probably still be doing it.’

She said she struggled to remain impartial while working on the show, admitting she sometimes wanted to voice her opinion on what had happened in the villa and ask the Islanders how they were coping following their stay.

Speaking to Psychologies magazine, Whitmore said of the contestants: ‘There was only so much I can do as a host – I couldn’t support them or not support them.

Here’s more information regarding EVdEN evE NAkliYAt take a look at the webpage. I couldn’t say anything.

‘So you kind of have to go quiet, and that was hard for me because I like to be able to have those conversations.

‘If I could [have done] things the way I wanted to, I’d probably still be doing it.’

The TV star replaced Caroline Flack as the host of the ITV dating show when she stood down in December 2019.
Caroline tragically took her own life aged 40 in February 2020.

Whitmore took to social media after last year’s summer season to detail her decision, admitting she found flying back and forth from the villa ‘very difficult’.

In her statement, Whitmore said she was only planning to fill in for Caroline for one series, .

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High praise: Whitmore’s Love Island replacement Maya Jama has been lauded by fans after she kicked off the winter show in January

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Guy Sebastian’s long-timer manager has been jailed for a minimum two-and-a-half years for embezzling more than $600,000 from his star client

Guy Sebastian’s long-timer manager has been jailed for a minimum two-and-a-half years for embezzling more than $600,000 from his star client.

Titus Day was sentenced to a maximum four years in prison by Judge Tim Gartelmann at ‘s Downing Centre District Court on Thursday afternoon. 

Judge Gartelmann said the offences ‘all were committed for financial gain’ but it could not be established beyond reasonable doubt that 49-year-old Day was motivated by greed.

‘There is no evidence of remorse as the offender maintains his innocence – nor is there any evidence regarding prospects of rehabilitation,’ Judge Gartelmann said.

He found Day re-offending was nonetheless unlikely. 

Guy Sebastian’s former manager Titus Day was found guilty in June of embezzling $624,675 from the singer.

Sebastian is pictured with wife Jules

Titus Day managed Guy Sebastian for about a decade and the men were once close friends.

Day is pictured outside court before his sentencing on Thursday

Day was originally charged with 50 counts of embezzling at least $886,175 in royalties, performance fees and an ambassadorship from Sebastian between 2013 and 2020.

A jury found the father-of-three guilty in June of 34 offences in relation to money totalling $624,675 after deliberating for almost a week.

The offending was a breach of trust but there had been no significant organisation or planning, Judge Gartelmann found. It was not known how Day spent the money.

Publicity surrounding the case and the destruction of Day’s reputation had left him ‘devastated’ and it was unlikely he could ever recover professionally. If you have any sort of concerns regarding where and ways to use evDEn eVE nAKliYaT, you could contact us at our web site.  

The court case pitted two men who were once extremely close against each other and dragged in their wives, who had also been friends. 

The brutal split between Sebastian and Day also rocked the entertainment industry. 

The court heard Sebastian found ‘anomalies’ in financial records after he split from Day suggesting he was owed payments by his former manager.

Sebastian is pictured with Day

Judge Gartelmann said character witnesses had universally described Day as generous, honest and trustworthy. All considered his offending out of character. 

Singer Tina Arena was among those who provided a reference for Day, describing him as ‘someone she trusts’ and a man with ‘honesty and integrity’.

The trial was beset by woes, including the death of original judge Peter Zahra, the dismissal of five jurors from a panel of 15 and Sebastian and Crown Prosecutor David Morters SC contracting . 

While it was Day fighting for his liberty, Sebastian said he felt he was on trial during the hearing and most of the media attention focused on him. 

The Voice judge was forced to reveal intimate details of his finances, including sometimes astronomical fees for performances and so-called ‘contra’ deals. 

Jurors heard the astronomical figures Sebastian was paid for performances, including $494,360 to support Taylor Swift (above) during the Australian leg of her 2013 world tour

The ARIA Award-winner was in the witness box for more than a week giving evidence in chief before Mr Morters and under cross-examination by Day’s barrister Dominic Toomey SC.          

Sebastian – who never signed a contract with Day – had so much money coming in from so many sources he did not notice hundreds of thousands of dollars missing from his bank account for years.

Jurors heard Sebastian was paid $494,360 to support Taylor Swift during the four-city Australian leg of her ‘The Red Tour’ in December 2013. 

He charged $54,341 to sing at a wedding in Jakarta in July 2017 and McDonald’s paid the entertainer $66,000 to appear at a conference in September that year.

The hit-maker also received $49,114.62 for singing at Allianz Stadium in Sydney during the British and Irish Lions rugby tour in 2013. 

Sebastian gave evidence he had been given a boat, international air fares and the use of two Toyota LandCruisers for himself and his wife instead of cash payment from major companies

In another sideshow to the trial, Jules Sebastian repeatedly denied her husband was a violent man when she was quizzed about an incident in the couple’s home in 2012.

Sebastian is pictured at the piano in the couple’s house

The sums that were embezzled range from $593.53 in royalties from Sony Music to $187,524.42 for the Taylor Swift gigs. They also included $57,086.93 for a performance in Singapore and $77,042.96 from a Dreamworld ambassadorship. 

Day contended some of the money was withheld to pay expenses and EvDen EvE NAKLiyAT buy shares on Sebastian’s behalf but Judge Gartelmann did not find evidence to support those suggestions. 

Sebastian gave evidence he had been given a boat, international air fares and the use of two Toyota LandCruisers for himself and eVDeN EvE NAKLiyAt his wife instead of cash payment from major companies. 

Day, a qualified lawyer, had first managed Sebastian in 2007 while working for 22 Management. Sebastian had about nine months left on a three-year contract when Day approached him in July 2009 to join his own new company 6 Degrees.

A jury found Titus Day guilty in June of embezzling $624,675 from his former client Guy Sebastian after deliberating for almost a week.

Sebastian is pictured with wife Jules

The performer had an agreement with Day under which the agent was to receive a 20 per cent commission on his earning and was paying his manager $500,000 a year.

Sebastian terminated the arrangement in November 2017 in what became an acrimonious split. 

He subsequently found ‘anomalies’ in financial records suggesting he was still owed payments by Day and in July 2018 launched a civil claim against him.

Day made a counter claim against Sebastian alleging he was owed money, which led to an examination of the agent’s banking records revealing further anomalies.

Sebastian then went to police.

Day told police the chart-topper owed him $1.2million in outstanding commissions.

Sebastian (above) had so much money coming in from so many sources he did not notice hundreds of thousands of dollars missing from his bank account for years

Mr Toomey took Sebastian through invoices, payment statements and banking records, many of which the singer said he did not recall ever seeing.

At one point a frustrated Sebastian told Mr Toomey.

‘I am not forensically skilled… when it comes to money and numbers it is pretty clearly not my forte.’ 

Sebastian told the court some of what Day did for him required a ‘heavy work load’ but for other tasks he needed ‘very little’ assistance. 

Day’s contribution to marketing Sebastian’s song writing and television appearances was negligible.

Day would ‘hardly ever rock up’ when he was a judge on The X Factor, for instance, ‘but will take a $200,000 fee’. 

Sebastian denied he felt ‘great animosity’ towards Day, saying he instead felt ‘great disappointment’ in his former agent.

‘I have a lot of confusion as to now it’s got to this point,’ he said.

Singer Tina Arena (above) was among those who provided a character reference for Day, describing him as ‘someone she trusts’ and a man with ‘honesty and integrity’

In another exchange, Mr Toomey suggested to Sebastian he was ‘earning a large sum of money’ during his time under Day’s management.

‘Not as large as it should have been, Mr Toomey,’ he said.    

Mr Toomey quizzed Sebastian about ‘contra’ payments, which involved receiving goods for his services rather than money.   

Sebastian agreed he been involved in ambassadorships with Bose, AirAsia, Canon and Yamaha and accepted a Bluefin boat as payment for EvDEn evE nakliYAT performing at a festival in Queensland.  

Mr Toomey asked Sebastian if he considered ‘contra’ – to be income.

‘I’m not sure,’ he responded.

‘It’s not something I’ve ever thought about. I hire accountants who’ve been instructed to do everything by the book. You don’t buy a dog and bark yourself.’     

The court case pitted two men who were once extremely close against each other and dragged in their wives, who had also been friends.

Day is pictured left with Sebastian 

Sebastian also had to contend with an email he sent to Day describing the fans of Westlife singer Shane Filan as being ‘fat older women’.

Sebastian had been reluctant to support the Irish boy band star on a 2017 tour because his appearance would not be ‘the right fit’.

‘I said something which wasn’t great, something about feral old women or something,’ he told the court.  

In another sideshow to the trial, Jules Sebastian repeatedly denied her husband was a violent man when she was quizzed about an incident in the couple’s home in 2012.

Mrs Sebastian had rung her husband about an intruder she said was attempting to enter the couple’s house at Maroubra in Sydney’s south-east.

Her husband confronted the young man and there was a physical altercation but he denied headbutting the young man, although he told friends he had.

Day sought an apprehended violence order against Sebastian eight years later, citing his ‘violent history’.

It was two days after the AVO was served that Sebastian went to police with his complaint that Day had withheld money from him. 

Day had told police he received a phone call in May 2020 in which someone said:  ‘Guy Sebastian wants you f***ed’.

‘Two weeks ago he sent emails to my wife trying to intimidate her,’ Day claimed.

Three weeks ago someone came on my property and let down my car tyres.’

Sebastian told the court he had never done anything to threaten Day or his wife and had no knowledge of anyone else having done so. Day eventually withdrew the AVO. 

Judge Gartelmann ordered Day, who has already indicated he would appeal his conviction, repay $624,675.

He will be eligible for parole on May 16, 2025. 

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Skin Tag Remover – A Proven Home Remedy

Different skin types mean you will hear different skin reactions into the creams or gels; therefore, their effect generally is different from person to person. There are cases where complete removal of the skin tags and moles are impossible. Just about only be fading of skin moles and associated with skin tag in some areas. In spite of the many chemical gels being churned out constantly, natural remedies are still the preferred options. Natural methods do not need as many side effects as nasty chemicals. You do not have to appear worried about any complications with your skin, too.

A common method for treating skin tags is personal them surgically removed from your doctor. However, skin tags are no medical condition and therefore will quit covered by insurance since he brings method will have to be funded on your part. A costly exercise if you have several skin tag cloud.

Now, if you’ve got no patience for the thread method and to be able to more guts to unavailable a type of your skin, then the scissors and alcohol method for your. The steps are a small amount more complicated but equally effective.

There are other products on the market for moles, skin tags and warts, which say they immediately remove the wart, mole or skin Clear Tag Skin Tag Remover. They are available in a kit that contains a file, the solution, a scratching needle, cotton swabs and anti-bacterial liquid.

There a re assortment of options skin tag removal options. The first choices to seek medical advice and ask your doctor to take out the skin brand. This will end up being a very quick and effective process, Clear Tag Skin Tag Remover Cost but it will also donrrrt costly process if own more than one skin licence plate.

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Often, Skin Tag Remover creams get away as promotional items by the large manufacturing companies companies. Basically, these creams will receive away to your public free of cost. In such cases, you can try these folks. Before trying out any cream or gel, the patch test can be completed. If you are not showing any allergic reactions to the gel or cream, always be be safe for use it on the wider or larger district. You may also choose to look out for those brands of skin tag remover creams and wart remover creams that have a money back guarantee. Many customers buy this without any hesitation.

Most skin tag removers are grouped into 3 main floors. All methods are really a technique to remove a skin tag naturally. Natural skin flap remover can be divided into applications, surgical treatment or tying off or cutting off the circulation to the skin tag by itself.

Tag Away is a superb product based on special herbs and Thuja occidentalis which is a pure oils known for its skin healing properties. Unlike synthetic skin tag removers, it is protected and does not cause redness or skin breakouts. With a few drops of Tag Away on the cotton swab, one merely needs to dab in regards to the affected part and Clear Tag Skin Tag Remover it’s good to go.

Now, when the previous two methods are way too icky for you, and then there are liquid bandages to the rescue. Basically, you spray the liquid bandage to the affected area and then apply a circular adhesive bandage location necessary. You should do this procedure after every shower in order that the skin is clean. Also, it allows you apply rubbing alcohol to sterilize pick a. You should see results in the near future or and.

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ALISON BOSHOFF: Adele's earns £2million for commuting to Las Vegas

The stakes are high, as Adele and her team know only too well. Yesterday saw the first night of her now notoriously delayed four-month residency at Caesars Palace Colosseum in . One down, 31 more potentially perilous performances to go. Now there is one overriding concern among her team: for the sake of Adele’s reputation, …

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